Friday, October 1, 2010

Τroō Food at The Breeder Feeder

Τroō Food Liberation is a multi-faceted beast. It changes, shapes, reshapes, tranforms, defines and re-defines. It is a collaborative ongoing project. The aims behind it remain simple and delicious. We aim to reclaim our food! We know our food supply has been hijacked by criminal forces-real baddies like in a comic book. These mega corporations control our seeds genetic make-up, and the way farmers are farming-  producing crops that are nutritionally void - that makes us sad, fat and even obese-while in other parts of the world it causes hunger and suicide.
We team up with peoples all over the world who like us believe in the inalienable basic human right to true, unadulterated nutritious healing food.
Everyone eats but who thinks about where our food come from? Who grew it ? Under what conditions? What are the ingredients? What do labels like organic, natural, herbal mean?

Τroō Food Liberation is a collective of Τroō Food Rebels and for three months, three times a week, Τroō Food Liberation will be serving delicious, cruelty free meals at the Breeder Gallery. Our goal is to raise awareness abou the realities of our food system and the joys of conscious consumption.
We fight for everybody’s right to eat real food, free of pesticides, chemicals and genetic modification. Real food that retains its nutritional value and original healing properties. We believe in the ancient Greek motto “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” (Hippocrates 460 B.C.). All animals in the wild have the ability to heal themselves, we seem to forget , in this time of over stimulation and concrete –that we too are animals. We have lost our connection to nature and therefore to our own nature – if we were in tune with our bodies we would be able to prevent and heal ourselves.
Τroō Food Liberation moves away from the food industry’s corporate power structure and encourages a cruelty free, local, seasonal, and sustainable diet. it’s political, it’s social, it’s ecological, it’s communal and it should always taste great!


Τroō Food Rebels love food and want to share this love with as many people as possible. We will be feeding our guests food that will make them feel great! The menu will include a delicious three-course meal, invigorating smoothies, stimulating elixirs, botanical cocktails and healthy luscious deserts. Some raw, some cooked, all highly nutritious. Together with special events on Sundays including workshops on sensual eating, raw food preparations and urban farming, we will celebrate world events from Halloween to Christmas.
Our theme and menu will change every month to focus on a different aspect of our food world, traveling through superfood healing and health, to the environmental effects of our food and how you can make a change from your own balcony, before finally arriving at the history of food in our culture and how it has been the single biggest factor on shaping our world today, and how our very future depends on it…


So from the end of September we present our first chapter- Healing Through Food. We have created a set menu of delicious, wholesome and massively nutritious dishes aimed at unlocking all the health benefits contained in the foods that surround us. We will combine produce from local organic farmers with the best sustainably sourced, fairly traded, unadulterated healing foods that the world has to offer.
Using both raw food techniques to preserve every bit of goodness and warm dishes to heat your heart-our open kitchen will be part of the dining experience. With the ingredients growing around the room and the preparation process for guests to explore, our aim is to arm people with the information and inspiration needed to make a lasting positive change on their health and their environment.
“Everyone is an eater. Food is not just a commodity. Food is the future of our blood, our cells our bones. We have to relate back to food as the future of our bodies! Therefore every time we eat we have to recognize the vitality of food, the sacredness of food ,and link back to that how food is grown…”
Dr. Vanadana Shiva (eco activist and physicist - pioneer of Indian organic farming revolution.)


The second chapter will be about the earth cycle, focusing on the importance of organic produce, buying local and seasonal vegetables, the consequences our decisions have on the environment, our own bodies, and our fellow beings. There will be workshops on sprouting, composting, urban farming. We aim to shed light on the dangers of the food and health industries, whilst encouraging people to find new ways of supplying themselves with food! Growing ones own food is remarkably fulfilling, even in the confined space of a balcony. It is good for the environment, good for the health, and good for the pocket. Leading sustainable, cruelty free, more self sufficient lives leads to a healthy happy population. The aim will be to inspire more conscious consumers. 

The third chapter will focus on the history of food, food culture, food security, food riots, and food rituals. We will follow a timeline of all the important food related world issues. The meals will be inspired by ancient foods, foods that have been growing and nourishing the world for centuries, also known as super foods. We will combine the familiar super foods of mushrooms, herbs, honey, cacao, seaweed, olive oil, and algae with the best that the rest of the world has to offer. It’s an exploration of different cultural food rituals and an education about the wisdom of plants. 

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