Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Chapter II: Think Global, Eat Local

BREEDER FEEDER  proudly presents:
Chapter II: Think Global, Eat Local
By Troo // Food // Liberation

Illustration by Roger Peet

Chapter II Menu


Raw Autumn Leaf Wraps

Olive Tapenade With A Twist, served with Handmade Whole Wheat Bread Rolls

Seasonal Spicy Skewers, served with Roasted Sweet Potato Chips

Main Course

Pink Peppered Portobello Steak with Marinated Baby Beet Leaves


Ancient Seed Zea Pasta with Herb Infused Walnut Meat and Nut Béchamel, served with Seasonal Poppy Seed Salad.


Spiced Raw Apple Tart with Blueberry Coulis
T//F//L secret recipe Rakomelo (optional)

Herbal Tea (on request)

Dramatic Blueberry Tea, a potent anti-oxidant from Northern Greece

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  1. χρειάζομαι να μιλήσω με κάποιον για μία μικρή συνέντευξη/ παρουσίαση.