Saturday, November 20, 2010

Naked Supper

proudly presents 

by Deanna Maganias

Saturday 27 November 2010  at 9pm

“…the title means exactly what the words say: 
NAKED lunch- a frozen moment when everyone sees what is on the end of every fork…” William Burroughs
“…only this frozen moment is a good one…” DM
Only 30 people will have the opportunity to savour 'Naked Supper', 
to be one of them reserve your place now, 
at or +30 210 3317527


Greek sashimi: Fillet of tuna, white grouper, garpike or the freshest wild fish available on the given day, is lightly marinated in various vinegars, lemon or lime respectively. 
This dish is a combination of fish preparation techniques influenced by Greek and Japanese cuisine.

 Wild rice salad with mixed greens, parsley, dried apricot and cranberry. 
This rice dish is reminiscent of the Near East, its subtle flavors are a transition between the two fish courses.

Bouillabaisse with nuances of Thai containing shrimp, white grouper, large scale scorpion fish and sea bass. 
This fish and shellfish soup combines qualities of far eastern and French cuisine. The rich nutty flavor is complemented by sautéed shrimp and grilled fillets of fish.

Mixed wild greens of the day with Greek virgin olive oil. 

Poached fruit with dark chocolate orange sauce.

price: 50 euros

DeAnna Maganias is an artist, represented by Rebecca Camhi gallery,

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  1. What an incredible menu master in the Arts and in the culinary arts! Bravo!