Saturday, January 22, 2011

Irish Pub night review at

BREEDER FEEDER striked Despina Isopoulou's fancy. 
Here is her report on an Irish night out at Feeder:

irish coffee shot

Breeder Feeder was the place for us last night.  Über cosy and artistic and the menu this time was ‘Irish Pub’.  I finally caught- up with my friend Iliana and met Linda and Panos, while in the meantime  i was trying to concentrate and leave some food in my plate after every course so i could gracefully proceed in to the next one (you see, it was a five-course meal). the Pea and ham soup, the Bangers with mash and the Irish Cream Pudding Parfaits with Walnut Crunch were divine, you should definitely try it. the boys will keep the same menu for another week but i heard that for February the theme is Lovers Delight, so you know they’ll do their best to exceed your expectations.

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