Wednesday, November 9, 2011

New Menu this Friday, November 11th!

On Friday November 11th 2011, 

Breeder Feeder presents a new menu by 

the Gastronomic Collectiva

Chapter ΙΙI


Calabria Octopus with Pomodori, Capers and Basil / Minestrone Soup with Rice Espuma and Saffron 


Orange and Cinnamon Jelly


Beef Tenderloin Skewers / Patatas Paha / Wild Rocket Salad with Beetroot and Lemon Comfit / Mayo Verde


Profiterole / Vanilla Bean Espuma


Banoffe Mini Shots


menu price: 30 euros


The Founders of Gastronomic Collectiva are Basque Inigo Ocharan and Greek-Italian Marko Rossi. Both chefs are graduates of the  DCT International Hotel Βusiness Management School in Switzerland and are currently based in Athens while in the past they have worked in several restaurants in Greece and abroad.
The cooking technique they have adopted is the result of their experience in professional kitchens. They pay attention to quality and to fresh and seasonal products.
Apart from cooking, Marko and Inigo also aim at sharing their knowledge and their secrets with those who are willing to learn.


Reservations :
tel. +30 210 3317527

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